Crunch – Fat Burning Dance Party

Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! Let’s get this party started! Crunch major calories while you get down with this fun, energetic workout. There are three easy-to-follow workouts that we think are more like parties. There’s salsa party, party funk and the retro party. Even if you’re not a dancer, don’t worry. Jennifer breaks each combo down into basic steps so you can just jump right in with both feet (literally!). You’ll start with some Latin attitude as Jennifer mambos and sambas you through a cardio fiesta. Next, it’s time to get funky … you’ll move and groove with some high energy combos that’ll have you burnin’ fat as you burn up the dance floor! Last, Jennifer finishes with a retro dance section that’s loaded with flash-back choreography and is just plain fun. Exercise doesn’t have to feel like work! So join the Fat Burning Dance Party and get your calorie-burning groove on. The CRUNCH Philosophy: The CRUNCH fitness program welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of shape, size or ability. We created a workout environment that is not competitive or judgmental. Enjoy these favorite classes with imaginative instructors in an atmosphere that makes working out fun. Meet the instructor: Jennifer Galardi, instructor at CRUNCH Los Angeles, Certified (AFFA) dance instructor and performer for hip hop and jazz. Choreographer/ dancer for multiple music videos, film and print ads. Fitness Philosophy: Be inspired and have fun. Favorite splurge food: Peanut M&M’s



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It’s a captivating, fun, fat-burning good time!This fabulously fun and enchanting program reveals the secret to obtaining that lean, sexy Brazilian body. By using elements of Brazil’s heart-pounding, steamy dances such as the Maculele, Samba Reggae, and Capoeira, this workout targets all your trouble spots while burning fat and calories to deliver amazing results. You’ll learn simple, flowing steps and incorporate hip circles and torso pops. The authentic, pulsating Brazilian music sets the rhythm; add your personal style and flair and you’ve got your own Carnival. So take a vacation south of the border and have a hip-swinging, calorie-burning, body-slimming good time—Brazilian style! Warm-Up 6 min. Maculele 12 min. Samba Reggae 12 min. Capoeira 12 min. Cool Down 6 min. Bonus dance: Samba de Roda Stills from Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body (click for larger image) Beyond Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body Dance and Be Fit: Latin Groove More from Acacia – The Bollywood Dance Workout With Hemalayaa More from Acacia – Hoopnotica: Hoopdance Basics – Beginner, Level 1

Dancing With the Stars – Cardio Dance

Dancing With the Stars - Cardio Dance

On ABC’s hit show DANCING WITH THE STARS, countless pounds are shed and bodies transform before our very eyes. Now it’s your turn to dance your way to fitness with three of the show’s favorite pro dancers Ashly, Kym and Maks. With this fat-blasting program you will learn four choreographed dance routines featuring some of the best moves from the show. Then shake things up with a bonus freestyle routine to test your new dance skills. Have fun and gain confidence on the dance floor while building a stronger, sexier, super-star body!(Not final packaging synopsis.)

Learn To Bollywood Dance And Fitness – Dhoom Taana

Learn To Bollywood Dance And Fitness - Dhoom Taana

LEARN TO BOLLYWOOD DHOOM TAANA provides a fully choreographed dance routine on the popular Bollywood song DHOOM TAANA from the movie Om Shanti Om. Unlike other DVDs that show only a few positions, this DVD has eleven full combinations of dance movements! Each combination contains several different movements that flow together beautifully, giving you a full dance routine and an enormous list of new dance moves to use as you like. DVD offers about 2 hours of instruction with Bollywood basic and intermediate dance moves. It also contains history and stories explaining the origins of gestures and poses. The step by step instructions will make sure that everyone can master this dance. Pallavi shares her suggestions for making it authentically Bollywood. Plus, Pallavi shares her favorite Bhangra movements with you in a Bonus Fitness chapter that showcases the high energy Punjabi drums, guaranteed to raise your spirits and get the blood pumping! Also check out Pallavi’s other choreography LEARN TO BOLLYWOOD DANCE AND FITNESS -AAJA NACHLE