Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout: Tahitian Cardio & Hip Hop – 2 Volume Set

Tahitian Dance Kili welcomes you to Hawaii, her beautiful homeland, for a workout that will shake your regular routine. Tahitian Cardio and Tahitian Hip Hop are part of the Island Girl™ dance fitness series. Tahitian dance is the most sensual of the South Pacific, and Kili revels how it is also an energizing workout. These workouts will help you burn calories will learning both traditional and hot new dance moves. Tahitian Cardio Kili demonstrates this unique dance method she calls her “secret weapon” for keeping in shape and having a bathing suit-ready body all year long. Kili has designed this workout to specifically target and tone legs, buns, and abs. You will learn three basic Tahitian moves: ‘ami, figure 8, and Tahitian bump. Combined with fitness steps, these moves offer an innovative and creative Tahitian Cardio workout to help you lose weight and shape the entire body. Tahitian Hip Hop To create Tahitian Hip Hop Kili combines art form of Tahitian dance with her favorite hip hop moves. You will learn six basic Tahitian moves: ‘ami, figure 8, bump, flower, shimmy, and fa’arapu . These steps are designated to keeps the hips moving quickly while the upper body stays strong and engaged. The result is a challenging and enjoyable dance fitness experience designed to help you stay slim and toned. Special Features: – Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound – Interactive Full Motion Menus – Chapter Selections



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Firm, lift, and define your lower body! Target your trouble spots and have fun while you do it. This joyful dance program is specifically designed to give you strong, lean dancer legs. You’ll lose yourself in the rhythm as you lift and shape your backside, tone your hips and thighs, and strengthen your physique. From hip sways to high kicks, the simple routines will make you feel amazing in your own body. The two 20-minute workouts can be done separately or together — whatever works for you. As you dance to the irresistible music, you’ll slim down, tone up, increase your flexibility, and decrease your stress. Soon your legs will be turning heads wherever they take you. Warm-Up: 5 min. Heavenly Hips: 20 min. Lovely Legs: 20 min. Cool Down: 5 min. Stills from Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn (click for larger image) Beyond Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body Dance and Be Fit: Latin Groove Dance and Be Fit: Abs Burn

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Belly dance is fun, exciting, sensual and suitable for all body types and fitness levels. With this centuries old art form you’ ll improve muscle tone, increase flexibility and range of motion while achieving better posture and a new sense of confidence and self-expression. Taught by world-renowned Egyptian belly dancer, Leila of Egypt, Belly Dance for Beginnersis divided into three sections: Section I, the fundamentals of belly dance – posture, arm movements, hip movements, undulations and shimmies. In Section II you’ll incorporate movement with the Egyptian walk, moving circles and moving shimmies. In Section III you’ll follow Leila as she performs sensual, energizing or relaxing belly dance routines. Belly Dance for Beginners Highlights: – Easy-to-follow instruction, suitable for all body types and fitness levels – Original music and instruction from one of Egypt’s, and the world’s, most popular belly dance star and instructor – Sessions ranging from 10 to 30 minutes – Improve your fitness and increase confidence while mastering the fundamentals of Egyptian style belly dance – Learn several full dance routines Includes a full-length performance by Leila incorporating the moves learned on the DVD.