Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Fantastic Faith (3 stories for Christian Families)

Three stories for Christian families from the Jay Jay The Jet Plane series: Jay Jay’s Bad Dream, Snuffy’s First Day of School and Jay Jay and the Stars at Night.



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Jay Jay The Jet Plane – Jay Jay's First Flight [VHS]

Jay Jay The Jet Plane - Jay Jay's First Flight [VHS]

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Jay Jay The Jet Plane – Fun to Learn [VHS]

Jay Jay The Jet Plane - Fun to Learn [VHS]

Jay Jay the Jet Plane, one of the sweetest franchises on PBS, offers preschoolers a trio of simple tales reinforcing the joys of discovery. In the opening episode of "Fun to Learn!" Jay Jay plays the Counting Game with his pals, and young viewers will be enticed to join the fun by naming numbers when they appear on the screen. In another story, business is booming at the Tarry Town Airport, giving traffic-controller Captain Hightower a chance to teach the young planes how to solve problems and take turns. The best of the bunch is "Jay Jay and the Magic Books," which achieves soaring marks for its visual beauty (at one point Jay Jay glides through the ocean with a giant whale) while underscoring the value of reading and the magic of using one’s imagination. The show exudes warmth and freshness, and includes three toe-tapping songs. (Ages 2 to 4 years) –Lynn Gibson