Evening Primrose

The people are gone. The doors are locked. Darkness descends inside a department store. Fleeing the pressures of the outside world, an unhappy poet is at last alone. But not for long. In his newfound sanctuary, he comes across a group of hermits who have been hiding there for years. Among them is a young girl with whom he falls in love.Specially created for television, Evening Primrose aired only once on ABC Stage 67. Starring Anthony Perkins and Charmian Carr, the production featured a teleplay adapted by James Goldman (from a short story by John Collier) and a score that included some of Stephen Sondheim’s most hauntingly beautiful songs – among them “I Remember” and “Take Me to the World.”This long-lost treasure is now available for the first time ever – impeccably restored and re-mastered from a newly discovered, pristine kinescope print.INCLUDES OVER 80 MINUTES OF BONUS FEATURES Newly recorded video interview with director Paul Bogart Newly recorded audio interview with Charmian Carr Paul Bogart’s full color test footage with Anthony Perkins 28-page booklet with contributions by Stephen Sondheim and Jane Klain of the Paley Center for Media



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