Macross Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Vol. 1 – Upon the Shoulders of Giants

2009. Ten years of furious conflict and frenzied construction have turned an alien wreck into a human triumph: the colossal space battleship Macross. On the day of the ship s launch the world waits with bated breath to witness mankind s next giant leap. Hovering above the planet though the Zentradi a merciless warrior race seek to advance its agenda of destruction and conquest. When long-dormant systems aboard the Macross suddenly fire upon the alien fleet the ship meant to preserve humanity may become its undoing. A war of attrition erupts taking mankind across the solar system and beyond in a fight to justify its existence!System Requirements:Running Time 150 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: ANIMATION/ADULT SWIM Rating: TV-PG UPC: 702727141720 Manufacturer No: DMCR/001



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Robotech 40: Frostbite & Birthday [VHS]

Robotech 40: Frostbite & Birthday [VHS]

The Original Full-Length English Version: Vol 40, Episode #79 FROSTBITE and Episode #80 BIRTHDAY BLUES: High in the frigid Rocky Mountains and closing in on the Invid headquarters, the Robotech freedom fighters stumble across the remains of the lost city of Denver. The city’s generator is still active and warming. Exploring the city’s deserted streets and stores; Commander Scott Bernard and Marlene begin to fall in love while Lancer and Lunk try to repair the vehicles and Rook, Rand and Annie replenish the supplies. When the Invid attack, the Robotechs must leave their glimpse of civilization and return to the battle. Afterwards, in a small village the warriors distract the Invid long enough to give young Annie a surprise birthday party. Though it is only a brief moment of joy, this night will long be remembered by these seven young people who are now much more than a band of warriors – they are now truly a family.

Robotech – The Macross Saga – Complete Collection

Robotech - The Macross Saga - Complete Collection

Producers at Harmony Gold combined the series Super Dimension Fortress: Macross, Genesis Climber Mospeada, and Super-dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross to create a sprawling space opera with a new plot: Robotech (1985), which helped to build an audience for anime in the U.S. The story begins in 1999, when a gigantic spaceship strikes the Earth. Ten years later, Earth forces relaunch the ship as the alien Zentraedi attack, hoping to recapture it. The seesaw warfare is played against a vague romantic triangle involving brash pilot Rick Hunter, straight-laced officer Lisa Hayes, and aspiring singer Minmei. The Zentraedi have somehow lost the secret of biological reproduction, but the two races are virtually identical biochemically. The similarity is sealed by the marriage of Earth pilot Max and Zentraedi spy Miriya. Minmei’s performances become a key element in the ongoing war, as the Zentraedi consider her bubblegum pop songs a form of "psychological assault." (They have a point.) Although humanity emerges victorious, much of the Earth is devastated. Lisa and Rick discover their true feelings as the new threat of the Robotech Masters appears–which leads into the second continuity. Gen-X-ers who grew up on Robotech will delight in retracing the coy romances and crude space battles; viewers accustomed to the faster pacing, snazzier effects, and more dramatic conflicts of more recent anime will grow impatient with the endless shilly-shallying. It’s a classic of sorts. (Suitable for all ages; appropriate for ages 8 and up: mild violence restricted to spaceship and robot battles) –Charles Solomon

Robotech – Protoculture Collection

Robotech - Protoculture Collection

A massive alien battle cruiser crash lands on Earth in the midst of a bloody global war. With the possibility of a more perilous threat looming the human race puts aside their differences and collectively undertakes the arduous task of rebuilding the spacecraft redubbed the SDF-1 to defend the Earth should its extraterrestrial masters come to reclaim it. Eventually the alien Zentraedi invade Earth to collect the SDF-1 and the technology it contains forcing the inexperienced crew including hotshot pilot Rick Hunter and his war hero mentor Roy Fokker to launch the battle cruiser into war a war that will cross generations stretch across the farthest reaches of the universe and turn ordinary soldiers into extraordinary heroes.System Requirements:7 extras discs are included with loads of special features including Codename: Robotech and Robotech: The Sentinels Running Time: 2575 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: ANIMATION/ADULT SWIM Rating: PG UPC: 702727153129 Manufacturer No: DRT/BX100