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Robotech – The Macross Saga – Legacy Collection 1

Robotech - The Macross Saga - Legacy Collection 1

This early anime series that helped introduce the genre to the United States in the mid-1980s is a curious hybrid. Harmony Gold bought the rights to the 36-episode Super Dimension Fortress: Macross, in which an alien invasion was held at bay by the voice of a girl pop star, but executives felt that American viewers wouldn’t accept that plot. Producer-story editor Carl Macek intercut sequences from Macross with two similar-looking sci-fi series from Tatsunoko Studios, Genesis Climber Mospeada and Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross, creating a sprawling 85-episode space opera with a completely new story line. A gigantic spaceship crashes into the Earth in 1999; after 10 years of analysis and repairs, the Earth forces relaunch the gargantuan flying fortress–just as the 50-foot alien Zentraedi attack hoping to capture it–precipitating an interstellar war. In addition to two discs (12 episodes) of the Macross adventure, this first collection includes the first video release of Codename: Robotech. Made to promote interest in the series before its debut, Codename consists of the first 13 episodes recut as a feature. Captain Gloval’s reminiscences about the characters’ adventures ties together the rather choppy film. The supplemental disc also offers a commentary by Macek, describing the origins of the Robotech project and the making of the Codename feature; a portfolio of character model sheets; and selected scenes in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. A must-have for Robotech fans. Unrated; "contains mild animated violence." Suitable for ages 8 and up: violence is restricted to spaceship and robot battles. –Charles Solomon

Robotech – Masters – Legacy Collection 5

Robotech - Masters - Legacy Collection 5

The fifth collection in the series concludes the Robotech Masters story line (originally Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross). Like the previous story, this adventure centers on a conflict pitting the freedom of thought and action that humans enjoy against the repressive civilization of the Robotech Masters. The endless spaceship and mecha battles ultimately prove less significant than the actions of the rebel clone Zor Prime. Having tasted freedom and love, he defies the Masters and destroys what amounts to a high-tech slave culture, where masses of clones and mecha labor to support a ruling elite. But the Second Robotech War ends as the first did, in a bittersweet Pyrrhic victory. The Robotech Masters have been destroyed, but much of the Earth has been devastated. And the spores of Flowers of Life ("the Three Who Act As One") have been dispersed to summon the alien Invid, setting the stage for the final episodes. The Elements of Robotechnology V disc includes portfolios of pre-production designs for "The Sentinels," unproduced "Southern Cross" designs, and the pilot episode of "Space Fortress Macross" (which would become "Booby Trap," the first installment in the Macross Saga). Unrated; suitable for ages 8 and up: Mild violence restricted to spaceship and robot battles. –Charles Solomon