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Robotech – The New Generation – Legacy Collection 7

Robotech - The New Generation - Legacy Collection 7

The episodes in this collection conclude the New Generation/Mospeada story line–and the entire series. As the war between the Earthlings and the alien Invid escalates, the Regis of the Invid creates two additional "Invid larvae humanoids" (aliens in human form), Sera and Corg. Sera argues for understanding between species, while Corg becomes a fanatic warrior. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Scott Bernard and his motley crew of freedom fighters prepare to join Admiral Rick Hunter’s returning star fleet for a final attack on the Invid stronghold. Faced with imminent defeat, the Regis, who invaded Earth and enslaved humanity, delivers an address denouncing war to Scott’s crew and transports her people "to a higher plane." Only Marlene/Ariel and Sera remain, and their romances with Scott and Lancer parallel the peace-through-intermarriage theme that began with Max and the Zentraedi Miriya in the Macross continuity. It’s a surprisingly lame conclusion to three interstellar wars. This early sci-fi epic helped foster an audience for Japanese animation in America and was created by the producers at Harmony Gold, who edited together the unrelated series Super Dimension Fortress: Macross, Genesis Climber Mospeada, and Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross. The seventh Elements of Robotechnology disc includes an assortment of deleted scenes–some only a few seconds long–but no translations or explanations as to why they were cut, and a gallery of print material about various Robotech products. Unrated; suitable for ages 10 and up: Minor nudity, violence (human versus human, spaceship and robot battles). –Charles Solomon