Busytown Mysteries: You and Me Solve a Mystery

Curiosities are everywhere in Busytown and so are Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Sally Cat, Hilda Hippo plus Pig Will and Pig Won t. Each episode is an innovative blend of humor and learning based around six unforgettable friends and many other colorful characters from the amazing world of Richard Scarry s books. Viewers follow their friends as they scour Busytown looking for the answer to the episodes mystery. Every time looking for fun and adventure and with everyone driving their own unique vehicle, getting there is half the fun! This special DVD collection features 26, half-hour television episodes filled with fun stories, inventive slapstick and colorful animation to delight children of all ages! Winner of the 2009 CFTPA award for best children’s program! FEATURING: 26 ½ Hour Episodes PLUS 5 Bonus Episodes From: The Busy World of Richard Scarry Wimzies House A Miss Mallard Mystery Nellie the Elephant Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings



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