Workout Ball: Pilates, Toning and Stretch

The workout ball is an innovative and very effective aid to help you to tone and firm up the key parts of the body (bum, legs and abs) through a variety of exercises and postures. These routines are designed to leave you looking good with longer, leaner and toned muscles.Fitness trainer Sarah Maxwell presents this exciting program, which combines the toning postures of traditional Pilates with a free-flowing exercise section to very effective use. Adding water or sand to the ball increases the resistance and ensures that you are working to a level that is comfortable, but also challenging to you.In particular, Sarah has incorporated into the program an exciting, aerobic-style workout that is targeted towards assisting your body with burning fat."Practicing regularly, you will feel and see the noticeable results!"Shot on location at Rockingham Castle, Englandapprox. 59 mins.



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Scott Cole: The Perfect Balance Collection contains two complete DVD programs – Breath & Chi Kung and Chair Strength & Stretch. Scott Cole’s Breath & Chi Kung:Physical pain, stiffness, and stress can result from blocked breathing and lack of chi (energy) moving through your body. By combining simple breathing techniques with ancient Chinese energy exercises, Scott Cole’s Breath & Chi Kung program brings energy back into your body while improving strength, balance, flexibility, and lung capacity. Best of all, it’s easy to do! Scott Cole’s Chair Strength & Stretch tones and sculpts the hips, buns, and thighs, while working the core and back muscles through chair stability training. Post-toning, Scott leads you through a complete full-body stretch of all major muscle groups, guaranteed to help you improve posture, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. This program is great for all shapes, sizes, and levels of exercisers, including beginners and mature adults. Scott Cole brings fitness and wellness to audiences of all ages, shapes and sizes. A top motivational speaker in over 30 countries, creator of Discover Tai Chi, Best Abs on Earth, Millennium Stretch, and the award-winning Get Fit America for Kids DVDs, Scott is dedicated to increasing wellness literacy.

Michelle LeMay's Sprit Flow: Rejuvenating Core Stretch

Michelle LeMay's Sprit Flow: Rejuvenating Core Stretch

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