Workout Ball: Pilates, Toning and Stretch

The workout ball is an innovative and very effective aid to help you to tone and firm up the key parts of the body (bum, legs and abs) through a variety of exercises and postures. These routines are designed to leave you looking good with longer, leaner and toned muscles.Fitness trainer Sarah Maxwell presents this exciting program, which combines the toning postures of traditional Pilates with a free-flowing exercise section to very effective use. Adding water or sand to the ball increases the resistance and ensures that you are working to a level that is comfortable, but also challenging to you.In particular, Sarah has incorporated into the program an exciting, aerobic-style workout that is targeted towards assisting your body with burning fat."Practicing regularly, you will feel and see the noticeable results!"Shot on location at Rockingham Castle, Englandapprox. 59 mins.



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Power Yoga – Flexibility

Power Yoga - Flexibility

Regain and extend the easy sense of fluid motion that keeps you doing the things you love to do. In Power Yoga: Flexibility, acclaimed instructor Rodney Yee shows you how to use his distinctive style of Power Yoga to restore and make the most of your body¹s fullest range of motion. Follow Rodney through a quick, deep-stretching yoga workout you can do in less than half an hour ‹ a remarkable antidote anytime you feel stiff, tight or limited in your agility. With this workout you¹ll release, lengthen and noticeably improve suppleness in both large and small muscles throughout your body, and stretch all of the major joints. Whether you¹re an athlete, just like to stay active, or want to feel less stiff and tight as you move through your day, this practice will help you use your strength more efficiently and move more freely with less pain, soreness and risk of injury. Rodney¹s signature style of flowing Power Yoga will fill you with a new sense of fluidity, mobility and power to affect how you feel and how your body keeps up with you. Practice regularly and you¹ll find this flexibility workout a rewarding way to extend your possibilities. A complete 25-minute workout filmed in dramatic Joshua Tree National Park: move through flowing Sun Salutations to flex and warm up, deeply stretch muscles and joints in fluid, energetic sequences, relax completely as you clear and calm your mind.

Basics Pilates

Basics Pilates

Pilates BASICS is the complete strength conditioning program that increases flexibility and improves posture, while toning your "core" muscle groups. Fitness expert Alan Harris provides you with simple step-by-step instruction. This easy-to-follow workout is great for beginners!

More Than Stretch – Senior Fitness For Older Adults & Seniors

More Than Stretch - Senior Fitness For Older Adults & Seniors

One of the keys to life is to keep moving, especially as you age. This safe, enjoyable and easy-to-do fitness program is designed specifically for older adults and seniors. It’s fitness for the whole body, inside and out. Includes: stretching, strengthening, improving balance and posture, techniques for relaxation and breathing and rebuilding and maintaning a healthy back. It will also help reduce stress-releated illnesses, reduce pain and ones state of ming. It spreads to your mind and your spirit, permeating all aspects of your everyday life, enabling you to do the things in life that you enjoy doing.