Workout Ball: Pilates, Toning and Stretch

The workout ball is an innovative and very effective aid to help you to tone and firm up the key parts of the body (bum, legs and abs) through a variety of exercises and postures. These routines are designed to leave you looking good with longer, leaner and toned muscles.Fitness trainer Sarah Maxwell presents this exciting program, which combines the toning postures of traditional Pilates with a free-flowing exercise section to very effective use. Adding water or sand to the ball increases the resistance and ensures that you are working to a level that is comfortable, but also challenging to you.In particular, Sarah has incorporated into the program an exciting, aerobic-style workout that is targeted towards assisting your body with burning fat."Practicing regularly, you will feel and see the noticeable results!"Shot on location at Rockingham Castle, Englandapprox. 59 mins.



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