Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament – No Ret [VHS]

While in his original form, Kurama’s power overwhelms Uraurashima. Meanwhile, Botan, Keiko, Seiryu and Poo make their way to the arena to watch the bout. Poo is in pain – since his soul is linked to Yusuke’s, he feels the pain Yusuke feels during Genkai’s final test. Poo takes to the air and flies away from the girls. The sight of the little creature in such pain inspires Yusuke to try harder, and gives him the strength he needs to rise to his feet and overcome the test. Yusuke collapses at Genkai’s feet, exhausted. The Masked Warrior’s name is drawn. Hiei prepares to enter the ring to fight in her place, but the Masked Warrior suddenly appears. Genkai is revealed, now in her older form. This causes some controversy among the spectators. Genkai has given most of her energy to Yusuke, so she only has enough left for three Spirit Balls. Will it be enough?



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Yu Yu Hakusho – Dark Tournament – Tournament's End (Uncut)

Yu Yu Hakusho - Dark Tournament - Tournament's End (Uncut)

With Yusukes life in his hands; Toguro begins to toy with the fallen Spirit Detective trying to anger him enough to power up to 100% power. Genkai takes over the body of Poo and gives Toguro the key to unlocking Yusukes hidden rage! With his best friend lying cold on the arena floor; Yusuke feels a limitless surge of energy rush through his body. Laying it all on the line Yusuke delivers one final attack. When the smoke clears the crowd is shocked at what they see! Is this the end? Could it be possible that either fighter still stands? The Dark Tournament ends with the most explosive battle of all time!

Yu Yu Hakusho – The Movie – Poltergeist Report

Yu Yu Hakusho - The Movie - Poltergeist Report

Restored to life by supernatural forces, high school delinquent Yusuke was granted paranormal fighting powers to protect humanity. Demons are poised to take over the Earth, and Yusuke must lead a posse of mismatched superpowered warriors into battle against them. With spirit guns, swords, and good old fashioned martial arts, our heroes will use any means necessary to wipe out the demons. It’s two-fisted fighting action at its best! Art Gallery Character Profiles Trailers English & Japanese with English Subtitles