Yu Yu Hakusho – The Gate of Betrayal (Uncut, Vol. 4)

Yu Yu Hakusho – The Gate of Betrayal (Uncut, Vol. 4)



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Yu Yu Hakusho – Team of Four (Two-Disc Special Uncut Edition) (Episodes 43-56)

Yu Yu Hakusho - Team of Four (Two-Disc Special Uncut Edition) (Episodes 43-56)

Own the Entire Series 14 episodes at a Time! This two disc set contains episodes 34-59 It’s been nearly a year since Yusuke lost his life, and every day brings a surprise in his new role as Spirit Detective. The latest shock arrives when the identity of a mysterious Masked Fighter is revealed at the Dark Tournament! Hiei faces off against an opponent made of the stuff of nightmares. Then, after fifteen years in his borrowed human form, the demon Yoko Kurama has returned. What could this mean for Team Urameshi? Plus, Kuwabara is cast through a dimensional portal. What will he find on the other side? After a surprise entrance into the Tournament, a weakened Genkai must rely on her wits to survive. As she faces her former ally, Toguro, their history is finally revealed! Genkai is at the mercy of her former friend, and it might not end well for the old warrior. Team Toguro might be the most lethal crew to ever get in the ring! The Tournament Finals are set to begin. With each team short a member, two competitors step up to even the odds. Who are the two new fighters and what could they possibly bring to the team? The Finals will surely prove to be the most ruthless battles the dimensions have ever seen. Team Urameshi has to pull together… or perish!

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament – Genak [VHS]

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament - Genak [VHS]

After their win over Team Masho, the members of Yusuke’s team have some time to rest. In this time they learn that the Semi-finals are still two days away – which means the last fight against Team Masho was an unnecessary fight staged by the crooked Competition Headquarters to eliminate Yusuke’s team. At this time, the Masked Warrior leads Yusuke into the woods. Once there, she reveals herself to be Genkai in disguise. While the rest of the team rests, Genkai leads Yusuke to a cave in the woods to administer the final test. If Yusuke’s body can successfully absorb the Spirit Energy, he will emerge a far more powerful fighter. Yusuke continues to struggle through Genkai’s final test, and Genkai worries that it may have been to soon for the young fighter to attempt such a dangerous undertaking.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Deadly Toguro [VHS]

Yu Yu Hakusho - Deadly Toguro [VHS]

After being informed of Genaki’s death, Kuwabara strikes in rage at the elder Toguro only to learn of his amazing defensive ability. Kuwabara must somehow control his rage and keep his wits if he is to defeat the bizarre adversary in the most intense battle of his life. Sakyo proposes that Yusuke and the younger Toguro settle the finals themselves. If Yusuke wins, Sakyo will sacrifice himself! Not to be outdone, Koenma makes the same promise should Toguro win! Yusuke’s dream of making the finals of the Dark Tournament has become reality. Walking away in one piece might not be so easy!